What features does the Best Massage Chair have?

Massage therapy has been in practice for thousands of years in almost all the nations. It has been seen in Ancient Greece, Egypt, China and many other regions of the word throughout the history. Massage has been used to relieve pain, injuries, reduce stress and anxiety, increase relaxation, lower blood pressure, and much more.

There have been many massage techniques being used like acupressure, reflexology, shiatsu and deep tissue. With the advent of machines and the technological advancements, manual methods of massage shifted to automated massage chairs. Massage chairs appeared initially around the 1950s, with a simple wheel and crank mechanism and then progressed to advanced technology which utilizes electronically controlled rollers that can adjust your size and shape.

If you’re looking to buy a Massage Chair for yourself or your loved ones, we’re here to guide you. We’ll help you know a Massage Chair better so that you choose a Massage Chair that not only fulfills your needs but also is cost effective.

Massage Chairs are available in multiple brands and styles, with variety of options in the market. We’ll guide you about the details, features and other relevant details that will help you choose a Massage Chair suiting your needs and requirements.

Features of a Massage Chair

The modern massage chair is an impressive union of innovations and new design features that all contribute to the goal of helping you relax and enjoy a soothing massage whenever the mood strikes you. Now, we’ll give you insight about the massage chairs:-

Common Massage Chair Features

Massage Rollers

Massage chair manufacturers are always looking to improve the depth and accuracy of the rollers for a deeper, to enhance the massage experience to the user. With this fundamental thing in mind, you’ll see that there are chairs that offer various options- 2D, 3D, and 4D. Each of these roller mechanisms is designed to penetrate at different levels.

2D Massage Rollers

A casual user or someone who isn’t looking for an exceptionally deep massage would most likely enjoy a massage chair with a 2D system. The 2D massage system is the traditional design that’s been around the longest. It works your surface muscles and back without getting deep to the muscles underneath. These rollers are the least intense.

3D Massage Rollers

A 3D massage system takes all that one step further and is found in the majority of massage chairs being released today. This works deep into the muscles of your shoulders and back, penetrating into the muscles and thus becoming more intense.

These rollers can protrude further out from the track in an effort to massage places that are typically neglected by the average massage chair, including the upper neck and shoulder area.

4D Massage Rollers

For the greatest level of penetration and precise massage attention, 4D rollers provide users with a deep tissue massage. These 4D rollers can turn and hit different angles that the 3D rollers can’t. The intensity of the massage is relatively consistent between these two options.

When you’re thinking about these options, remember that many massage chairs can be adjusted using a remote to control the intensity of the massage, allowing you to choose how far out you want the roller heads to protrude. However, this feature won’t be able to make a 2D massage more intense than its capabilities, and the 3D and 4D massage will remain strong.

Massage Tracks

There are two massage track types- S-Track and L-Track. However, new massage chairs have both of these; called as Hybrid L/S-Track.


S-Track is current industry standard and is also the original track design. It follows the curvature of the spine and focuses on various areas of your back.


The L-Track named for the shape it makes inside the chair, reaches from your neck area down to your lower back and then under your glutes and thighs. What sets the L-Track apart is its ability to reach your glutes and hamstrings.

Zero Gravity Recline

Almost all of the massage chairs on the market offer a recline feature. However, not all of them can recline into a zero-gravity position. The zero-gravity feature is one that makes a massage chair well worth the increased price tag. These chairs are able to recline you into a position that is not only great for a deeper massage, but the position can also help your spine and joints to decompress, alleviating some back pain and joint stiffness. The zero-gravity position is also believed to be the position that puts the least amount of pressure on your lower back.

Foot & Calf Massage

Foot and calf massage has become a favorite of many users and is now quite often found in the medium to large massage chair. If you’re on your feet all day or work in a demanding job, a foot massage can make your evening that much better.

There are several chairs that offer advanced reflexology massage for the feet and several more that also offer an airbag calf massage. This treatment can work away aches and increase circulation to the lower extremities.


Heat and massage offer similar benefits, and when combined these two therapies can build off each other to provide an even better experience. They both work to improve blood flow and massage can help rid the body of built-up toxins. Together, the improved circulation works to release the toxins even better.

Additionally, massage and heat both work to improve muscle flexibility that can help reduce pain and limited mobility. Arthritis, deep tissue injuries, inflammation, and muscle stiffness can all be aided by a heated massage.

Airbag Massage

Airbags provide a compression massage, as opposed to the kneading, rolling, or tapping motions of the rollers. While airbags can simulate these techniques by quickly inflating and deflating, rollers typically perform those actions.

When performing the massage, the airbags inflate around the targeted area, like your arm or hand, and compress it by squeezing down and then releasing. The intensity varies depending on how much the airbag is inflated.

Body Scan Technology

Body Scan Technology provides users with the most accurate, precise massage that’s personalized for your specific body size and shape. Body scans work by utilizing sensors and state of the art technology to register the size, shape, and curves of each user. This allows the chair to customize the massage to your needs and ensures the rollers are hitting all the correct points.

You can still adjust intensity and placement if you want to make any changes as well.

Body scan is a standard feature in most massage chairs released today. You’d be hard pressed to find a chair that doesn’t provide this feature.

Space Saving

Space saving technology is designed to shrink the amount of space you need to fully recline the massage chair. There are several models available that can recline fully in just a few inches. This can be perfect for when you have a smaller room and means you don’t have to stick your chair five feet from the wall.

Bluetooth & App Functionality

With everyone having access to the smart devices, many manufacturers have incorporated an additional feature in the Massage chairs; Bluetooth connectivity. You can connect Massage Chair with Mobile App via Bluetooth and can track your progress, listen your favorite music, audiobook or podcast.

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